Top 5 Great UK Tiling Forum and tiling advice sites to bookmark

There have been many UK tiling forum and tiling advice websites online since about 2001 for the UK, and 1996 globally. Including the great John Bridge forum. (Brilliant Guy and Forum BTW).

Then Paul Riley of BAL Training, and myself, setup a wall and floor tiling courses company. We chose the name Professional Independent Training Techniques. What a massive name! We wanted to define us from adhesive manufacturers who ran free courses showing you how their products work. Thankfully we got known as PITT. And the training centre, one of the first, if not the first in the UK that wasn’t a college, and wasn’t a branding promotional day type thing that adhesive companies may run to display their products, quite rightly too. Some Rubi demonstration days we’ve promoted on the forum before, that were held in CTD stores. Good courses but not actual – learn to tile – training courses.

We would always say that on the first few of their real world jobs that we were always on the end of the phone if they needed our help. A lot more people took us up on that, and concentrating on that USP for the training centre gave us massive return feedback-wise too.

We aimed to train upto 20 people per week (at £500 per head when it first started out – businesses grew from these courses). So after 6 months we had a lot of people ringing us, and we’d chat to all that we could do with a single phone line.

So we needed another website. Maybe the first forum online that’s for the tile industry as a whole.

Let’s Create a UK Tiling Forum then!

Off the back of that we had too many phone calls coming in so something had to be done. I personally built and optimised the website for PITT. So quickly built a forum too.

This meant instead of calls we had a place people could ask questions, we would answer, but that mean all data was stored live and then therefore searchable. So as well as a load of good feedback for the tiling courses company, PITT, it then had lots of regular members. Our UK Tiling Forum was growing quickly.

Not all trainee tiler, weekend warrior, or whoever else stayed with the forum and understood it. But many did. We had company reps being advised on whether they could or couldn’t join up as a rep with their company name in their username. Or whether they weren’t allowed at all (which simply meant the person would choose an unrelated username and sign up anyway). It was the hub of all things tile after just a year. But then I left the company and left them with the websites and went and made my own. And that’s Built by a tiler, for tilers and company reps or just even a homeowner.

Years Later – UK Tiling Forum, UK Plumbing Forum, and UK Electricians Forum and more.

A couple of other sites to link to:-

  • Tiling Forums was originally competing for another forum but that isn’t around now
  • Then Tilers Forum is a newer one for typo catching