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Well, it started in 2006 as an advice website that like-minded electricians could login to, and chat about their day to day troubles as electricians. Sharing funny stories, tips and tricks of the trade, where electrical discounts were best found. That kind of thing.

Then from there we ended up with a few people who wanted to train as electricians and the Colleges near them didn’t provide the electrical courses. So we ended up sourcing a few good providers of training. One in the North, one in the Midlands and one in the South.

We actually launched our Tile Advice website first. With just the same kind of relaxed flow from small chatter between tilers, to a mammoth of a forum that provided advice all day and night to both professional and DIY tilers alike.

A plumbing forum was born early 2007. Same kind of relaxed atmosphere and training side to it. But a lot of gas related stuff going on with that forum – (more on that here – LINK REQUIRED)

Then as the forums grew we needed some more revenue to support the server and server management costs. And this then became quite an important side to the forum.

We get lots of members on the forums for free.

We then sell advertising space to companies who can provide products and / or services to the trade.

But also getting the two on first name terms where we can. And getting real regular long term customers, and friends.